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In order to make your holiday with us at the Apparthotel König as relaxing and safe as possible, please find enclosed an overview of the general Covid-19 regulations in Austria as well as our measures for the protection of your and our health. We kindly ask you to comply with them.

Date: 20.12.2021


As a prerequisite for your entry into Austria, the "2G+ rule" applies - you must be vaccinated or recovered AND also have a negative PCR test (max. 72h old).

Persons who do NOT fulfil 2G+ (i.e. are vaccinated or have recovered but do not carry a negative PCR test on entry) must complete an entry declaration (pre-travel clearance) and go into quarantine. This quarantine can be terminated at any time once a negative PCR test is available.

Individuals who do not meet 2G (i.e., are neither vaccinated nor recovered) must complete a pre-travel clearance and enter quarantine. This quarantine can be terminated by a negative PCR test on day 5 at the earliest.

EXCEPTION to the 2G+ rule: Individuals who have a "booster vaccination" (3rd shot or 2nd shot for Johnson & Johnson) do not need to carry a PCR test, do not need to make an entry declaration, and may enter without quarantine.

Furthermore, you can find out what you need to know when traveling to Tyrol on a daily basis by clicking on the following link. Simply enter your country of origin and the destination:



The 2G rule applies to the hotel and gastronomy sector in Austria.

Explanation of the 2G rule:

  • Vaccinated (geimpft): with a vaccine approved in the EU.

One-time vaccines: Valid from the 22nd day after vaccination for a total of 270 days

Two-time vaccines: the first vaccination is valid from the 22nd day, but not longer than 90 days; the second vaccination is valid for 270 days

For recovered persons who have been previously vaccinated once, the vaccination is valid for 360 days from the date of vaccination.

The third vaccination (or the second vaccination in the case of single vaccines and convalescents) is valid for 270 days. At least 14 days must have elapsed between the first and second vaccination, and in the case of vaccines where only one vaccination was originally scheduled, at least 120 days must have elapsed between the second and third vaccination.

  • Recovered (genesen): A doctor's certificate or a certificate of isolation, valid until 180 days after the illness;

The 2-G rule applies to persons 12 years of age and older.

After expiration of the validity of the certificate, it must be renewed in order to enter gastronomic establishments, sports facilities or recreational facilities in accommodations and external recreational facilities (e.g., zoos).

Regulation for children:

  • Children 12 years of age and younger do not need to provide 2G verification.
  • Non-vaccinated children between 12 and 15 years of age must have at least 3 tests within 5 days, including at least 2 PCR tests for valid 2G verification.

The "Holiday-Ninja-Pass" was introduced by the Austrian Federal Government to prove the tests. All information about the Holiday-Ninja-Pass as well as the download link can be found here:

Registration obligation: There is currently a registration obligation for all guests, if they stay longer than 15 minutes in a location or business.



Guests can pick up PCR tests at several locations in Mayrhofen.

To pick up the test, prior registration via online application is required at the following link:

Up to 10 people can register on one user account.

Per week, each (registered) person with a residence address (address of accommodation) in Tyrol can obtain three PCR gargle tests. Within 24 hours one test per person is possible. If a multiple registration of a person is recorded, this person can still only pick up the maximum number of tests once. If six tests (twice the weekly quota) are collected but no gargle test is submitted, the respective persons cannot obtain any further tests until at least three tests have been performed and submitted. If a positive test result is obtained in the course of the PCR gargle test, this is immediately transmitted to the authority. The test result will be sent to the e-mail address of the respective user.


Here is an overview of the locations (dispensing and receiving) in Mayrhofen:

- SPAR Bacher Markus (Edergasse 522 - 6290 Mayrhofen)

- SPAR Eder Handels GmbH (Hauptstraße 476 - 6290 Mayrhofen; 08.00 -11.00, 15.00 - 18.00)

- SPAR Mayrhofen (Rauchenwald 675 - 6290 Mayrhofen; 13.00 - 19.00)

- Baguette (Tuxerstrasse 799 - 6290 Mayrhofen)

- Collection on 6 days, those locations with Sunday opening also on Sunday

- Result within 24 hours at the latest



Where am I obliged to wear an FFP2 mask?

In closed rooms, in generally accessible areas of accommodation facilities (elevator, reception, lobby, etc.) in public transport, cable cars, cabs, pharmacies, banks, post offices as well as in the retail sector. There is no mask obligation in damp rooms and when practicing sports. The FFP2 mask obligation applies to children from 14 years of age. Children between the ages of 7 and 14 may wear conventional mouth/nose protection. The mask obligation does not apply to children up to 6 years of age.

What applies to the use of the cable cars?

When purchasing tickets for the cable cars, guests are required to provide a valid 3G verification.  There is an obligation to wear an FFP2 mask in closed or coverable means of transport (e.g. gondolas, cabins, coverable chair lifts) as well as in closed rooms of the associated stations.




We have taken the spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) very seriously since the beginning. Our primary goal is still to ensure the health and safety of our guests and employees. Already in the past we have attached great importance to hygiene. However, in connection with COVID-19 we have taken additional measures and precautions to protect you and all of us. These are based on the recommendations and requirements of the Austrian Ministry of Health. 

General protective measures and precautions

• Regular disinfection of all publicly used surfaces (e.g. door handles, light switches)

• Extended hand disinfection and hygiene protocol for all employees

• Disinfectant dispensers in public areas for guests and employees

• Extensive signposting and information on hygiene measures in all public areas

• Our tables and seating in the lounge are are set up in such a way that the minimum distance is maintained


Cleaning of the apartments when guests leave

• Surfaces that are frequently touched (e.g. door and window handles, light switches, bedside tables) and sanitary items in the flats are specially disinfected

• The remote controls are provided with a protective cover, which is exchanged after each change of guests

• Cleaning utensils are washed at 90°.

• The information folders and writing utensils in the apartments will be dispensed with until further notice. A guest information folder and disposable gloves are available at our information corner opposite the lift.


Arrival and Check-In

• Check-in is as far as possible contactless - please let us know your arrival time and your personal data before arrival

• A plexiglass panel is installed at the reception

• Room keys are disinfected before each issue to guests


Fitness room

In our fitness room you will find a disinfectant dispenser for hand disinfection as well as a disinfectant for the equipment. We ventilate the room and disinfect the equipment regularly. After using the equipment, we also kindly ask you to disinfect the equipment you have touched with the disinfectant provided.


Sauna area

We plead for SELF-RESPONSIBILITY! You can use and enjoy our wellness oasis with relaxation room, Finnish sauna, steam bath and infrared cabin without hesitation. However, the sauna cabin, steam bath and infrared cabin may only be used by a limited number of guests at the same time. For guests not staying in a shared apartment (not belonging together), a minimum distance of 1 metre must be maintained. The exact rules of conduct will be provided upon arrival and are posted in the sauna area. A disinfectant dispenser is also available.


We also ask you to pay attention to the following points:

Keep at least 1 metre distance from other guests, except from people from the same household or fellow travelers in the same accommodation unit

Do not shake hands and give hugs.

Wash hands several times a day with soap and water for at least 30 seconds.

Sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm or into a handkerchief.

Avoid congestion at the reception desk.

Follow the instructions of the staff.

Do not travel if you have signs of illness.

• Contact the host if there are any signs during your stay.

Use the stairs if possible.

Announce your arrival time and personal details before arrival. 

Ventilate the apartment regularly.


For more information about your safety during holidays click hereSAFE HOLIDAYS IN MAYRHOFEN

With your prudence you will protect yourself as well as the other guests and our staff.

We are in regular contact with the local health authorities and follow their instructions regarding public health measures and the containment of infections. Our aim is to minimize inconvenience for you through these measures and, as usual, we will do everything we can to ensure that you have a pleasant and relaxed time at Apparthotel König in Mayrhofen.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or require further information. My team and I are looking forward to you spending your holiday with us!


Kind regards,


Werner König